Monday, May 25, 2009

Where have I been?

Okay, so as faithful readers have read, moving was a gong show. I literally didn't even pack. School hasn't been going much better. I took a few days off living here in the Enchanted House to lay low and study at work/sleep at riki-lea's house, but about halfway through my term project, I realised that I couldn't balance studying, working my new job, and being pseudo-homeless, so I dropped my class. That's a project for another year.

Life at the house has been really good. I get along with all the girls, although I got in trouble for my love of dairy once. Important tip for the homeless: If you're staying and you ain't paying, you have to get in line with the politics of your hosts. Just as I wouldn't have wild gay threesomes while staying on the couch of some square Christians, I shouldn't light cheese on fire and churn my own ice cream all night in a home of mostly vegans, although I hasten to point out that they probably would be okay if I decided to have wild gay threesomes.

Cost/benefit analysis of the month of May:

-Extra gas (compared to if I had stayed in my previous living situation): $160 (estimated).

-Extra alcohol and drugs bought and shared with the roomies: $100 (estimated).

-Van insurance: $105.

-Storage locker: $75.

-Bills: $250 (because I covered a month's worth of bills rather than paying rent).

I guess I spent about $690 not paying rent. If I refer to my first post on this blog, I think I might have saved a bit.

Okay, scratch that. I just checked. My costs at my old place were $690. Living here was very comfortable and a lot of fun, but was revenue neutral.

Let's see how June goes. I have two more adventures lined up.

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