Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Phase II: South Granville

With a degree of sadness which one might not expect a temporary resident to exhibit, I have now left the Enchanted House. The agreed upon month is up. Not a moment too soon, actually, as the girls got busted having an extra person living there and were facing the possibility of seeing their portion of the utility bills going up. The utility bills are split between the basement suite and the upstairs, but of course, the presence of one extra showerer and launderer was enough to make the landlord give a hard time to the girls. I suspect that the basement suite tenants were the ones who tipped them off, but I mean, fair enough on the complaint. I paid a whole month of bills for the girls under the old breakdown, so don't think I'm a jerk for making their bill go up!

Unfortunately, the girls decided to move out of the house. Well, I guess it was what they wanted to do, but it breaks my heart a little because I really love that house. Geez, no wonder I have never travelled. I seem to find something special about most places I live. Part of this weblog seems to be an examination of my constant need for a home. I feel like that German Shepherd in The Littlest Hobo. Maybe tomorrow. I digress.

Amanda took a picture of me leaving:

I managed to get all my stuff I had there into one vanload:

Actually, phase II will have to wait. I have a lot to say at moving time.

The Enchanted House was awesome. I loved it as a place where people cook together and hang out at home a lot, but not too much. It was pretty far out of the way, so we'd be out a lot, but people still made the journey when we were there. The girls are awesome, and I'm stoked to have spent the time there I did. Here's a picture of the cookoff they were having when I went to pick up my scooter:

Cooking as a competitive event! More people should do that!

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