Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gas budget?

From April 4th until 21st, I spent almost $84 on gas. I did have to do a bit of running around, but really, I think that's pretty realistic to maintain. Assuming I can scoot as much as I'd like I'll be spending no more than maybe $5/day on gas.

Vehicle budget: $180 insurance (both vehicles) + $150 gas (both vehicles) = $330/month.

This is already half of what I used to spend on rent.

Hmm. I think if I can keep out of the van once I'm not moving my shit around, it should be better.


  1. okay, but like, we have to do this one thing... see, our backyard is FULL OF DEAD WOOD. not the hbo original series, the tangible dead organic matter. it's a bonfire waiting for happen. you, me, the girls, and all the rest of our buddies, a tarp, your van, dead wood, beer, and veggie dogs on sticks. that's all i have to say, really.

  2. oh, and a lighter. probably. or a rainless lightning storm. and maybe s'mores.