Saturday, April 11, 2009

Phase I: The Enchanted House

This whole idea was kicked off at a time when I was looking for housing solutions, but I was dissatisfied with the options presented to me, and unsure why. The last place I looked was perfectly reasonable. The dudes were nice, the room was big, the price was the same as I was paying, but something was holding me back.

Enter: Amanda.

Amanda is a chatterbox, and artist, a vegan, and generally a kind person. She told me that I could stay in her solarium in a house with three solaria. She lives with three other women. They're artistic, they're tattooed, and they love communal, house-based, inclusive activity, such as pizza-making parties with crazy-toppings.

So basically, the first appealing idea that came along was sleeping in a room of windows where I can't sleep the day away because it's too bright, and where positive-minded girls won't let me waste my life because every day is a new adventure.

Yes please.

Here is the house:

Here is my solarium, one of three:

Here's an amazing photo stolen from Malloreigh of the yard:

I've campaigned to nickname it the Enchanted House, and I think that will be sticking.


  1. somehow i thought you'd know/run into malloreigh. i'm a fan of her flickr.