Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving time.

I got paid on Friday. Instead of saving any money for rent, I spent $377 insuring my Vespa P200 for another five months.

This plays into my cost/benefit analysis as outlined in the first post on this here weblog (Mission Statement). See, now, I do have a van, and it is on the road now, but the way I look at it, if I'm going to live all the way on the other side of a giant mountain (at 52nd and Fraser), and if I'm possibly going to live other completely crazy places like North Vancouver for example, I'm not necessarily going to ride my bike everywhere. Since I'm pretty sure vans burn up crazy fossil fuels, and since my van costs $90/tank to fill up, I'm of the belief that if the weather is favourable, I might only need the van for moving shit around and sleeping in most of the time. I still have half of the tank left that I put in on April 5th or so. That's pretty good. $105/month for the van, and about $75/month for the scooter is less insurance than a lot of people pay for a nice new car. Now I have a backup if one of the two craps out on me and I need to get somewhere (not unlikely), and I'm saving crazy gas getting to work everyday. The scooter costs me maybe $5 every few days. When it runs, it's definitely cheaper than riding the bus. Right now it's running pretty rough when first started, and the turn signals and horn aren't working at all, but whatever.

The ladies of the Enchanted House (well three of them) called me again today, having procured another couch from Attic Treasures on Commercial Drive, and having already paid for same. Ironically, when they called, Ian and I were in the process of loading my couch into the van to bring it to Scott's house.

Scott has only one couch, and is into storing mine for me in his living room while I'm homeless/in Europe. The more stuff I can store for free the better. My house is getting more and more empty.

We moved that couch, and then I dropped Ian off and went to pick up the girls. There turned out to be four of them, because they were with a friend. Three stowed away in the back of the van.

Now, hopefully they have enough couches. Laryssa did the test sit again.

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