Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last night was my birthday party, but sort of the end of the house party too. The Enchanted House girls were representing in full force, taking over the stereo, and making it a dance party.

It's agreed here at the Backside House that it's officially time to move now that we've had the party. I'll be moving my stuff out of here and into storage over the next two weeks.

I took Keri and Amanda to pick up a couch they scored on Craigslist. It turns out that my hilarious van now has yet another problem. It has a perma-tape. The perma-tape is an interesting phenomenon resulting from ejection-failure. My mom used to have a Mazda GLC with a 90-minute perma-tape of two Neil Young albums back to back. My van seems to have taken a shine to a 90 minute tape of the first three Ramones LPs, and now doesn't want to give it back. As Keri pointed out, at least it's a really good tape. Incidentally, as I was rolling down Main Street with them explaining the transition from the Guelph House to the Colourful House to the Backside House, I included the days when my sister would come home every day and blast The Smiths, which was the C.D. that one could never get out of her ghetto blaster. It turns out Keri actually had a perma-tape of the same album (The Queen is Dead).

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  1. sweeeet couch. nice score. also stoked on yr blog.