Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ikea: Swedish for easy to break.

So last night, we tried to watch a video. The television and the digital video disc player weren't plugged in. Not only that, but there was no outlet within reach of them. I pulled on the table a little bit to slide it across the room. Suddenly, I heard a sound, and I was holding the giant television over the hardwood floor. It slipped and I dropped it.

Apparently, the leg had broken right off.

Anyhow, it turns out the table was broken all along, but I just didn't know it. I don't think we should put the television back there.

Other misadventures in the house last night involved the next door neighbours. There is an apartment so close to ours that you could almost reach over and touch it. The first time I took a shower and opened the window my head was visible and someone was just standing 10 feet away in her kitchen. Last night, someone in that building had a noisy party, and a lot of people were standing in the back yard. As you can see, that's pretty much right outside our windows.

Anyhow, so I was in the shower last night, and I kept seeing camera flashes through the window and hearing funny sounds. Eventually there was a knock on the window and I opened it. The whole party was cheering and raising their drinks and taking pictures. I wish I could get one of those pictures, because I was the perfect portrait of a guy in the shower. I was definitely mid-hair wash with the big ball of shampoo suds on my head. This is the angle I could see:

I had a drink with them out the window later, but didn't go outside.


  1. maybe you could turn the table around and somehow attach the broken leg side to the wall? and it could hold other, non-television-sized things.

  2. Maybe, but the problem was that it's a surprise to any new victim. I mean, I'm sure Becky and Alex knew not to touch the table, but I sure didn't!