Friday, June 12, 2009


Spent: $15 or so on beer to compensate Scott for all the laundry I did. My plan was to wash everything at the Enchanted House since the facilities are $2/wash at Becky's place, but I couldn't do that once they got in trouble for having me live there. I actually went almost two weeks without driving my van, leaving laundry both dirty and clean at the Enchanted House. When I went to get it, there was a $50 ticket for parking facing the wrong way on a side street. Bullshit. Also, my laundry was all drying nicely on the deck, where apparently Keri had put it on the first of June. Good thing the weather has been perfect. There is no need to ride anything except the scooter, and my undies just toast in the wind and sun. So here's where this first two weeks of June has me:

$175: Rent (paid by trading an old airplane credit.)

$40: Extra gas paid as compared to the Backside House.

$75: Storage space.

$105: Van insurance.

$50: Parking ticket.

$15: Laundry compensation beer.

Total $460 for half a month. That's a rate of $920/month, but the insurance and storage are for the whole month, so I'm on pace for $830. I'm not yet saving anything.

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