Thursday, June 4, 2009

Phase II: For real this time.

I've moved to the 12th and Granville area. This girl Becky from CiTR radio offered me the keys to her place the first time we met. We have a lot of mutual friends, but we had somehow never crossed paths. I mentioned this in my post about a month ago. Anyhow, she has a roommate, but her roommate sublet the other bedroom here to this Italian guy named Manu. Manu is only in Canada for four months studying architecture, so he's super into having a good time here in Vancouver. Part of my deal is that it's probably boring to live alone, so Becky wanted someone here. She looked for a sublet and couldn't find one, so I'm here now. I did trade her a $175 airline credit though, so my rent here for the half month works out to about $350/month, which is still a great deal for such a nice neighbourhood.

Here's Manu cooking eggs for dinner:

Here's what I did to the chandelier because we're not short girls like Becky and her roommate, so we kept hitting our heads on the thing:

That's an Ikea butter knife, but it does the trick. I think it's well in line with Manu's style of problem solving. He put a Life Saver outside to tempt the ants from the kitchen to the windowsill. It's attracting the little fuckers, but it's hard to say if it's helping us or hurting us. Are they coming for the Life Saver, staying for the kitchen? Perhaps.

The only thing that is a pain in the ass about this neighbourhood is parking. I can barely find spots for my Vespa, and I know every spot within blocks of here. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I bring my van down here. Aside from moving, I haven't touched the thing. It's still at the Enchanted House along with a clean load of laundry (thanks, Keri) because the weather has been so hot, and the parking situation is so crazy. Some places have limits so you need a permit (which I don't have because I don't live here). Some places have restrictions for time of day (which is no good because if I don't take my van to work, it gets towed during normal business hours). The meters are right out, for obvious reasons. Egad.


  1. yr rocking the couch surf in style. well done. i like this blog.

  2. Pssh. Who sleeps on couches?