Monday, June 8, 2009

Sofa, not so good. (When storrowing backfires.)

Okay, so yeah, I cleverly storrowed a bunch of stuff with Amy, Scott, Rachel, and the Enchanted House girls. The problem with doing that is you have to count on the stability of living arrangements of your friends. When I lent my red couch to Scott, I mentioned the fact to Tara and Nevada. They said they would have taken it too because they hated their own couch. So Scott has moved in with his girlfriend, and doesn't want my couch because he'd rather, like, have couches owned by him and his girlfriend than watch mine and wait for me to take it away and leave a giant hole in his living room. Fair enough.

We had to remove my couch from Scott's, and bring it to Tara's:

We had to remove Tara's couch from Tara's and leave it in an alley:

We had to move Scott's girlfriend's couch into Scott's, which involved tying it with rope and throwing it off a balcony:

I ended up just giving Tara my couch. I didn't want to own a couch I never liked that much anyway if it means stuff like worrying about where it is. I originally got the couch by trading a free couch I really like but that my sister had ruined when she bleached her hair to my girlfriend at the time for this couch and $50. Best $50 I ever made.

Someone please give me a free couch in like December, okay?

Oh, and now that the girls are moving, who wants to storrow my patio set?

Incidentally, the worst part of all of this is that for a week in July, my old red couch will be where I sleep, but Tara is moving. After somehow jamming that thing in her basement suite, I'm now going to be responsible for getting it out of there too.


  1. our patio set consists of a crappy plastic table and two chairs, so anything that would make our cemented backyard look nicer would probably be welcomed. just as long as I don't have to bring it inside when it rains.

  2. You don't. Just know I'm taking it back in December.

  3. cool. well, I'll check with the roommates and let you know.

  4. Ooh this is fabulous! Cool collection of Sofa Couch from

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