Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Phase 3: A Tale of Two Kitties

Okay, so I'm now residing at Emily's house. This is Emily:

Sure, that picture is years old, but I mean, B.J. Morecock? Shit's rich. I digress.

The thing here at Emily's house is the kitties. They're my ticket in because cat-sitting is what people need. Nobody needs to generously give up their place to a weary traveller (thanks, by the way), but cats do need to eat.

Percival is most definitely the apple of my eye. He is the cutest little bastard in the world. He enjoys many adorable hobbies such as balancing on the bathtub, playing with my iPod charger, playing with rosary beads, playing with the strap to my helmet, playing with...well, basically anything strandy in nature. Check out this fine specimen of a cat:

I would kit-nap him so fast if not for the fact that I'm very allergic to male cats. I don't know why, but the little bastards cause my eyes to turn every shade of red and my very bones to itch to the core. It's really a shame.

Martin, however, is the devil of the cat world. He tries to scratch and bite me at all times, and he also rather enjoys menacingly blocking doors to rooms I wish to enter. These cats could not be more opposite. Look at this thing!:

So I ended up living at the Pasadena and here at the same time for a week because I was too lazy to move all my stuff. Lindsay and I ended up getting it done on Sunday, but during the time in between, I used my van a bunch more. The good news is, I rented out my van to the band No Gold for a whole week, so that will cancel out some of my gas and all of my insurance for the month. Here is my new cost/benefit for June:

$175: Rent (paid for by trading in an old airline credit)

$90: Extra gas as compared to living at the Backside House.

$75: Storage space.

$105: Van insurance

-$140: Money made off No Gold renting the van out.

$50: Parking ticket.

$60: Alcohol bought for hosts of various kinds.

Total: $415

Money saved in June: $275! Hooray! I'm actually ahead of the game.

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  1. pshhh, no alcohol bought for THIS host! kidding. thanks for not killing my cats. or really just martin, i guess... (he is so fucking happy i'm home). thanks!