Thursday, June 11, 2009

When like likes like.

Homelessness has many advantages. Generally speaking, when I explain what I'm doing, people are pretty excited. One question that often comes up is, "But Justin, how do you bring girls home?" When beds are borrowed, and couches or vans prove to be excellent substitutions, is one's style in any way cramped?

The obvious solution would be to get a girlfriend with her own place and mooch off her. Since I'm not Evan, I'm not doing that. Instead, I've found the only type of person who will date a homeless dude. I'm dating a girl who is also homeless!

This is Lindsay. She really wanted to live in Vancouver. She wanted to live in Vancouver badly enough to move into a closet while she looked for somewhere else to live:

The current state of the rental market in this city is such that more and more people I know are surfing couch, renting dens and closets, or otherwise making temporary arrangements. In fact, in the 12th and Granville neighbourhood, a $350/month closet is actually proportionately appropriate! When I moved to Vancouver in 2004, paying $825 for half a 2 bedroom in a divided character home seemed so expensive. I'm sure that same place fetches at least $1,100 these days. My how times have changed.

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